Uudet retkiblogit vuoden 2018 ajalta / New trip blogs from the year 2018 !

This side is meant to be a place to pictures and unusual things and moments – mostly pictures !

Kaupunkikierros Pielisjoella ja kaupungin satamassa

Tule seilaamaan kuvaukselliseen satamaan ja joelle kaupungin sydämeen.

Come to sail by a motorboat at the river Pielisjoki and the harbour area.

To-su/thurs-sun 9.-12.8.2018 > 12. noon. / 20 e/hlo, person/lapset puoleen hintaan / 60 min / 5 hloa persons / retki a drive.
Ajamme varausten mukaan / Reservations needed.
Brochures Carelicum, Koskikatu 5, Joensuu.
F: Ismo Kangas, Ismo-Ahven Tmi   /  I: ismoahventmi



Fantastic and adventurous fishing and boating (at least I enjoyed)



Pics can be only under 2 Mb – so I will find a way to make them smaller.

Boat Drives From Niittylahti Hotel, Vallesmannintie 12, Niittylahti to Matkustajasatama, Guest Harbour, Rantakatu 2, Joensuu

Fri and Sat 13.7. and 14.7.2018 at 8.00 and 10.00 and 12.00.
From a pier of Niittylahti Hotel  to the pier of Guest Harbour, Rantakatu 2, Joensuu.
Price: 20 e / person. CASH ONLY.
Reservations directly to tel. + 358 45 133 8 164, Whats App.
Reservation: weather, passanger: 5 persons /a drive. Alcohol: fresh lake water and alcohol don’t mix.
I: ismoahventmi, F: Ismo-Ahven Tmi



Midsummer activities pe Fri 22.6.2018, start at 3.30 pm.: Hotelli Niittyranta, Hotel Niittyranta, Joensuu, SuomiFinland: http://cms.ismo-ahventmi.webnode.fi/tyhja-sivu/
Säävaraus/Weather reservation.
See also Hotelli Niittyranta facebook -pages.



I use, Rönnqvist 590 R;  very reliable boat used also at sea !