Organizing boating and fishing

A description of me as an entrepreneur and of my range of functions

                   This is a sight from harbor to Pyhäselkä open lake area.

I am doing boating and fishing trips at lake Pyhäselkä. And boating on river Pielisjoki in the middle of town Joensuu.  I started these actions 4.6.2018. I am doing new plans to guide my potential customers to my facebook -pages and instagram. And to my new domain – coming due time.


I also present now what all is needed to me to organize a safe and enjoyable journey in education and permission wise:

My name is Ismo Kangas, in my company Ismo-Ahven Tmi. I have been as a professional fisherman, registered, in Ärjänselkä Kajaani and now in Pyhäselkä, Joensuu.

2018:  Driver of a rental boat -exam and a certificate of the occupation of my rental boat (Trafi),  inspection of  the boat and a permission to to carry 6 persons: 1 driver + 5 passangers (Trafi), permission to organize fishing events to customers in Lakearea of Finland (Ely) and HACCP -plan for picnics included in fishingtrips, as food Act (706/2007), demands (social and health care, NorthKarelia)
Also: Boat is in Watercraft Register (Trafi) and in the register of  fishing boats (Ely).
Education related to fish: Basics of fishery 2000, Degree of Programme in Fisheries in Turku Polytechnic, 2005
Rewarding trips, with best regards
Ismo, the fisherman

This is my reliable workhorse Rönnqvist 590, registered max. 10 persons, at work we drive max. 40-45 km/h, usually slower, the driver is already an old man, manufactur Ab Kenneth Rönnqvist Oy, VAASA, Suomi, using for fishing and boating trips 1 driver + 5 customers. Has worked on the waters 950-11550 hours annually, means about 7 200 000 waves per summer, 7 200 waves per a float hour, if there is coming two waves per a second against us when we drive ahead motor running in half-gas. We have gone over  every wave so far.*

Modified to fishing: this year i have done net fishing, trolling, jigging and angling (means also ice fishing from a boat) with my boat ; will be used in fish trap catching when wanted.

Top speed when empty without any extra fishingequipments is 50 km/hour.

* this is an estimate based my own subjective experience, you can put on your  own opinions but only with good calculations (**otherwise please no)