1. Safety

Emergency number 112.

The company takes care on the permissions necessary for fishing trips as well as the maintenance and inspections of the equipment. The required certificates can be found on the company website at

The company does not risk its customers’ safety by boating in bad weather or when it’s too dark. The company decides if the trip is safe to make.

All important incidents are reported in writing. The customer can have a copy on the report if they want.

The company creates a safety plan to ensure customer’s safety. The customers receive guidance about safety and the emergency methods needed during the trip.

2. Participants and groups

The recommended size for a boating group is 3-5 persons. The boat is not suitable for physically disabled people. We do not recommend using alcohol on the boat ! If use of alcohol is a safety risk, the boat will not leave.

3. Safety equipment and protective wear in the summer

The rental boat includes plenty on safety equipment. The company owner instructs the customers about safety equipment in case of emergency.
In the summer, rainwear on provided by the company, but otherwise the customers are advised to wear their own clothes that are suitable for a conditions.

4. Risks and danger

Thunder, hard wind, rain, fog, darkness and other vessels and objects on the water like rocks and guiding structures as well as fishing nets, ropes and logs can cause danger.

The company owner estimates the risk  and takes caution. As a last measure the trip may be interrupted.

Open fire is forbidden during fire warning. Camp stoves are to be used very carefully according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The company owner performs fire-extinguishing and keeps the customers away from uncontrollable fire. Call 112 if necessary!

Its not recommend to wear flammable clothing, such as windbreakers, when handling fire.

5. Boating is safe

... and fun with proper caution.

Have a nice boating and fishing trip!

Best regards,   Ismo-Ahven Tmi


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