My boat

This is my reliable workhorse Rönnqvist 590, registered max. 10 persons, at work we drive max. 40-45 km/h, usually slower, the driver is already an old man, manufactur Ab Kenneth Rönnqvist Oy, VAASA, Suomi, using for fishing and boating trips 1 driver + 5 customers. Has worked on the waters 950-11550 hours annually, means about 7 200 000 waves per summer, 7 200 waves per a float hour, if there is coming two waves per a second against us when we drive ahead motor running in half-gas. We have gone over  every wave so far.*

Modified to fishing: this year i have done net fishing, trolling, jigging and angling (means also ice fishing from a boat) with my boat ; will be used in fish trap catching when wanted.

Top speed when empty without any extra fishingequipments is 50 km/hour.

* this is an estimate based my own subjective experience, you can put on your  own opinions but only with good calculations (**otherwise please no)



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